ARM Systems Technology

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sampleARM offers a 4 layered end-to-end solution for management of remote unmanned sites.

Comprehensive Security management: Protects site perimeter and valuable assets with cutting-edge technology that secures the site with remote/local access control, live, synchronous video feeds to a central control room, perimeter beam detectors, indoor and outdoor motion detectors and more. These are supported by an advanced management system with automatic alert notifications, a comprehensive ticketing system and remote control capabilities.
Remote Site Management and Control: Uninterrupted operation of all sites is assured by centralized, constant, real-time monitoring and control of their operation as well as
Asset Management: All aspects of asset management from interactive inventory mapping, mobile asset tracking systems, and asset maintenance;
Business Intelligence Modules: ARM’s solutions are centered on expanding our clients’ operational intelligence of their entire network structure.  Data can be analyzed from an overall global perspective that can be drilled down to the minutest Key Performance Indicator (KPI) up to a singular site element.
Data Accuracy: ARM’s data validation structure is based on numerous tools such as duplicated measurements, site behaviour profiles, data input verification systems and algorithms, which assure the absolute accuracy of the data.
Network & Field Support: ARM Systems has developed a set of accessories aimed at providing full interactive support:  the first is a User-Friendly Installation Program for Technicians, which automates all the technical procedures on site, and the second is the Remote EyeSite, a mobile application with real-time M2M interaction & synchronous updates of the CMS.


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