Telecom Tower Management

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sampleTelecom Networks are manpower intensive, energy intensive, susceptible to theft and to technical breakdowns and site downtime, yet they suffer from fragmented view of data, and inefficient management of resources. Furthermore, a remote site's infrastructure, whether shared or operated by third party Tower Management companies – is usually regulated through Service Level Agreements (SLA), with strict usage and uptime statistics, binding the infrastructure managers to fierce performance.

ARM’s business modules propose alternative operational structures for Telecom, with an innovative perspective that will guarantee ROI, regardless of the company’s portfolio or stage of growth.   The foundation of AIO’s solutions is aimed to address the complexity of operations composed of multi-tenant infrastructures, assure unprecedented access to strategic information, and optimize the utilization of their resources all under flexible operational structures.   This combination will give companies a lucrative edge in a highly competitive market, and sets AIO apart from conventional RMS providers.


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