ARM CMS - management platform

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ARM Systems' CMS is a central management system platform that covers all aspects of remote unmanned site management from optimizing energy management and adequately securing sites to protecting equipment by conditioning their operations under optimal environmental settings.

ARM’s CMS – A Clearer Picture on Remote Unmanned Sites ;

· Superior Energy Efficiency Tools;

· SLA Enforcement Tools;
· Proactive and Preventative Maintenance;
· Graphical Site Floor Plan, Actively Managed in Real-Time;
· Automatic management of on-site inventory
· On-the-go, up-to-date mobile application for technicians
· Intuitive and interactive alert and ticketing management
· Simple Deployment with Interactive Easy-To-Use GUI;
· Comprehensive Real-Time P&L, Auto Reporting, and Financial Assessments for ROI;
· Flexible Cloud Services Module;

The diagram below outlines the flow and building blocks of the CMS.

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