Human Ressource Management

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Another critical factor in remote site management, is the effective management of the company’s human resources. This module provides system control, hierarchical system access authorization, and efficient deployment of service personnel, electronic signatures, monitoring contractor hours, alert ticketing and ticket assignments.


  • Manage maintenance schedules & procedures - attendance reports, who, what and for how long.
  • Permission Hierarchical Administration Access (ID & User).
  • Organizational Access: Summary Dashboards, Reports, Finance, Tenants.
  • System Rollout & Admin: User Access, Privileges, Regions, Sites, Alerts Types, Thresholds, Severity, Variable Costs, Maintenance Schedules, Reports, etc.
  • Salary / contractor's hourly rate log.


  • Site access control and record; Mitigate MTTR & improve MTBF backed by comprehensive alert management capabilities; Electronic signatures – network operations per tenant; Provide system rollout and administrator autonomy.
  • Tenants: Display of Equipment Belonging to Tennant -Shelter, Battery, DC supply / Commonly Shared- Generators, AC supply & A/C. Any New Sites Available for Tenancy
  • Contracted Supplier Service: Relevant Equipment, Maintenance, Tasks, Faults, Alerts; Full BI System – Any Network Configuration.

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