Advanced Remote Management Solution

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ENERGY EFFICIENCY MANAGEMENT: Energy and fuel consumption is the highest expenditure for the majority of remote sites. ARM’s unique system tools address all energy aspects on sites: Mains, DC, batteries, generators, air cons, network equipment and total fuel management. They provide a continuous real-time flow of information with energy efficiency indicators, energy saving target thresholds and more.

INTELLIGENT SITE SECURITY: ARM’s wide range of security solutions provide effective local and remote control over site access, 24/7 video surveillance, protecting site data communications, assets, energy, fuel, shelters and includes SMART tampering measures that can take site security to a whole new level.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Another critical factor in remote site management, is the effective management of the company’s human resources. This module provides total HR control, with hierarchical CMS access privileges authorization, efficient deployment of service personnel, electronic signatures, and remote real-time monitoring of contractor hours, alert ticketing and ticket assignments.

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: Environmental conditions have a major impact on the site equipment and will ultimately influence the BTS’s network coverage. One of the examples of ARM’s environmental control is its ability to activate/deactivate air conditioners based on preconfigured system thresholds triggered by a sophisticated sensor system. The solution also covers all financial aspects such as aggregated power consumption vs. individual consumption, alarm backed by ticketing systems and more.

ARM – ALL-IN-ONE SITE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION: The powerful combination of ARM Systems solutions’ ensures that RMS

management is addressed as a whole. Sites are fitted with detectors, advanced hardware controllers all backed by a comprehensive Central Management System (CMS).

HYBRID MANAGEMENT: The Hybrid Module compliments the Energy Module by controlling and selecting the optimal available energy source for different electrical networks and TOU tariff rates. Coupled with ARM’s savings sharing module, where systems’ costs are correlated to company’s energy savings p-ercentage, customers can guarantee their ROI.

INVENTORY AND ASSET MANAGEMENT: This module, designed specifically for multi-tenant management, details the complete inventory of all assets within a site or over multi-region sites. The automated report system, can provide a clear picture on all the site’s assets for any given tenant and include information such as asset location (by GPS coordinates), tenant demographics, acquisition date, maintenance schedules (per supplier’s specifications) and assets’ values.

HYBRID FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT : ARM provides all the financial aids that will ensure smooth and lucrative operations for any business type. These aids span from providing comprehensive information on P&L, KPI, CAPEX and OPEX, that can be filtered or cross-sectioned per tenant, site, region and cluster, or run globally for the whole network. With detailed financial reports companies can demonstrate cost SLA compliance to their customers, and negotiate better SLAs from suppliers.

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