FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What makes ARM's solution unique in the market today?

The answer may be found in this pdf

How does the CMS communicate with the remote sites ?

The system can communicate via a variety of communication channels:

The main communication channel between the sites and the CMS is Ethernet. The system communicates in SNMP over IP and has also web server capabilities.

If Ethernet is not available, the site switches to GPRS over GSM. Every site supports two SIMs for communication redundancy.

If GPRS is not available, the sites can communicate with the CMS by SMS.

What is the maximum number of sites that can be connected to CMS?

The number of sites that may be managed by CMS is practically unlimited.

What is the equipment needed on site?

ARM Systems' solution is modular, it requires a single controller on site with various specialized sensors and meters connected to it, depending on the site type and function. This configuration can handle all site tasks including access control and all energy, security, and environmental monitoring and management.

Can the system monitor more than one tenant per site?

Certainly, ARM system's architecture is designed to handle multiple tenants per site. Each tenant is managed as if it was the only one on site getting full management capabilities.

Can each tenant (customer) be charged for its own energy consumption?

Yes, the EyeSite system can measure the energy consumption of each tenant and report it, enabling the calculation and generation of separate energy billings per tenant.

Can the system help with Preventive Maintenance of equipment on site?

The EyeSite system with its advanced CMS can assist managers with Preventive Maintenance monitoring and control:
The site devices are maintained according to manufacturer's defined requirements.
Each maintenance action is reported back to CMS in real-time by technicians on site and saved in the system.
Using the CMS' modular report system, one can carefully monitor all maintenance procedures carried out on a per device, site, or region level generating periodic reports of each service if required, thus reducing Maintenance & Site operation costs and preventing failures before they happen.

Can the EyeSite controller manage "smart" equipment like generators (Lovato, DSE, etc.) and DC systems that their own management system ?

The site controller can manage any equipment on site either by simple contacts or "smart" digital communication.

Does ARM use off-the-shelf sensors or your own sensors?

We use both. We do have our own sensors and meters and we use also 3rd party sensors that were tested and certified by us.

Do you support alternative energy sources?

Definitely, our CMS has a hybrid module that optimizes power consumption and reduces OPEX by always selecting the best available power source, utilizing available alternative energy resources such as solar installations, wind turbines and others.

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