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ARM Systems Is a Private Company that  develops, produces and markets advanced solutions for the management of remote network infrastructures.  ARM’s management platform is incorporated with site hardware and telemetry systems enabling companies to control, secure, predict, track and remediate their remote site operations in a timely and pro-efficient manner.  Our solutions are capable of monitoring all aspects of your infrastructure.  From air-conditioners to humidity sensors, to state-of-the-art telecom installations, ARM Systems manages precisely what you need, while providing timely alerts via a variety of communication channels.

By integrating numerous site measurements and cross correlating it with pertinent parameters and pre-defined criteria we can provide invaluable and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) analytics, to offer decision-makers a pragmatic over-all perspective of their infrastructure.   ARM’s solutions facilitate the reduction of OPEX, guarantee fast ROI, optimize the efficiency of customers operations, assist in meeting their KPI targets, and increase profitability. Collectively, ARM’s business modules propose alternative operational structures for TMC’s with an innovative perspective that will guarantee ROI, regardless of the company’s portfolio or stage of growth.

Through many years of direct engineering involvement with clients, ARM’s R&D personnel have developed a unique insight into their network operations.  Our engineering’s vast experience and knowledge spans from NOC management to field, electrical, software and hardware engineering.  ARM Systems invests 5% p.a. from its turnover in R&D.

With rapid deployment and implementation capabilities, our unique technology is able to study its surroundings quickly and autonomously and begin monitoring mission-critical parameters within hours, or even minutes

ARM Systems’ advanced technology and unique solutions provide unmatched benefits and functionality. Customers are able to:

Holistic Solution Suitable for both Turnkey & Custom Applications

Cost Effective Management of Multi-Tenant Telecom Sites

Assurance Management and Data Validation for Optimal System Performance

Superior Energy Efficiency Tools

SLA Enforcement Tools

Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

Graphical Site Floor Plan, Actively Managed in Real-Time

Full System Compatibility;

Simple Deployment with Interactive Easy-To-Use GUI

Comprehensive Real-Time P&L, Auto Reporting, and Financial Assessments for ROI

ARM System’s infrastructure of subsidiaries and strategic partners in Africa, Nigeria, India, SE Asia and Eastern-Europe are ready to assist you with a tailor-made strategy that will enable you to manage a sustainable and efficient network infrastructure.

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