Monday, 31 January 2011 07:13

Hybrid Management

Written by  ARM Systems
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ARM’s Hybrid power management compliments the Energy Efficiency Module by choosingthe optimal source and automatically putting it into operation. The system also assures that whenever grid is available and only then, it is utilized to charge the batteries. This active hybrid management can highly increase proactive savings.

The following aspects of the sites power sources are monitored, analyzed and managed for optimum performance.

ARM advanced EyeSite controller’s hybrid mode selects the most efficient and reliable alternative power source, according to various pre-defined parameters at any given time. This mode can be activated automatically (Auto mode 24/7) or manually (through predefined scheduler).

The Site Electricity Chart presents all available power sources and consumers (in white) and highlights the current active power source (in green)

The Site Power Source chart presents the power split between the different power sources available on site; with the option to define a specific time frame, and drill down to a specific day and view data on an hourly basis;


  • Optimal usage of batteries, diesel generators, alternative/green energy sources
  • Increased savings due to reduction in fuel consumption and extended hardware and battery life-time
  • Real-time data is presented in the CMS for analysis, fine-tuning and ROI calculation.
  • 3rd party device integration capability widens the scope for finding the cheapest and most reliable alternative power source to maximize energy consumption efficiency.