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Power Utility Providers

Written by  ARM Systems
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Existing power & utilities infrastructure is insufficient to meet current requirements, let alone the growth of the coming decades. On top of that, security of supply problems are exacerbated by the lack of availability of many existing generation assets due to ageing, disrepair or poor asset management.

The growing numbers of vandalism incidents and theft of oil, copper wiring and electricity power from electric distribution transformers located on electricity poles are one of the factors leading to the poor condition of the existing infrastructure. Most times, theft/vandalism events go unnoticed without any attempts to deter the perpetrators, delaying proper response and the return of the electric power distribution network to working order.


AIO's system offers overall asset management and security solution to protect and maintain the proper operation of existing power and utilities infrastructure. Utility towers with specific sensitive elements (such as electric transformers) can be actively protected, tamper proofed, by monitoring the transformer’s oil tank surroundings and detecting oil level drops in real-time.
Smart Site Security: The security system is able to sense suspicious figures approaching the close vicinity of the transformer by using various security measures, such as: beam sensors located between the electric pole's base, to alert of any object crossing their beam, shock detectors which detect a vibration or shift of the transformer to a set degree, CCTV able to capture & re-transmit video to the alarm control center and remote intercom from NOC to site. Once the suspicious object is identified, the system triggers various active security sensors and deterrence elements, such as: siren for a sound and light effect, pepper spray, active smoke, and projector, to attract the attention of the local community. The system also automatically sends SMS/Emails to preset mobile numbers during alarms to alert them to the situation.
Asset Management: AIO's EyeSite’s solution offers a wide scope of asset monitoring and control tools. Assets can be RFIDed with barcodes so that all asset information including their make, purchase date, warranty, maintenance procedures and specific location are available to both NOC and the technician at the site.
With all asset information available, through CMS, preventive maintenance practices can be deployed as well as Real-Time Troubleshooting. Maintenance schedules prioritization according predefined grades, Planned Maintenance vs. Supplier’s Spec; Advanced Part Ordering; and  Field Technician/Sub-Contractor Performance Evaluation to name a few. These allow for smart inventory management and maintenance cost reduction.
The system provides online data analysis of network status per category at different layers, so that a matrix of parameters will be presented on GIS (geographical interface) platform with drill down capabilities.


Reduced OPEX - Significant reduction of theft and vandalism of utility towers
Enhanced Security - Minimizes response time of the community/security companies
Increased Visibility - Detection of transformer power/voltage failures