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Total Fuel Management

Written by  ARM Systems
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ARM’s Off-the-shelf compact, inexpensive solution for properly maintaining generator(s), controlling refueling and eliminating fuel theft, can offer optional management services control. The solution is fully tamper proof with a built-in micro switch.  It can be integrated into the optional management system.

The solution provides real-time status of the generators at any given time. System data includes working hours, incorporates thresholds and enables users to switch generators ON/OFF remotely. The solution can be used universally on any type of generator and provides parallel support to multiple generators. All the systems’ maintenance procedures are standardized with an alarm and ticketing system, ensuring complete control over the maintenance of generators. The generators can be serviced as per supplier’s specifications, including maintenance cost and identification of the technician during servicing.

A typical fuel management set includes:

    • Compact EyeSite Controller
    • Pressure fuel sensor
    • Fuel tank cover Open/Close
    • CMS fuel monitoring package

Compact EyeSite - Generator and Fuel management - potential functionalities:

Electrical performance
Fuel consumption, drop, quality and refueling management
Full support for wide variety of tank makeups
Remote system activation
Compact EyeSite Benefits
Inexpensive, Guaranteeing Accelerated ROI
Dramatic Fuel Theft Reductions
Comprehensive Refueling Management
Proper Generator Maintenance Per Supplier’s Specifications
Geared for Management Services
Ticketing & Management System
Attractive & Flexible Operational Business Models - Savings Sharing, Service Models & More.